Ok guys. Are you tired searching the web and find always the same bullshit ? You wanna see real ch!ld pOrn ? Ok! I can tell you how. You gotta read this! Once I was surfing the web with a little hope that I'll find a real ch!ld sex. My friend told me that I can try some FTP archives around the sites. FTP archives on Internet may contain various content from games to utilities, often hidden from authorities, simply because it's so many of them. So I tried some teen sites... Well I found some archives, but there were only pics of some pOrn star ladies with no beauty at all and all the crap like this... =( Then I tried this site (see below), I really liked the name, and especially the content they provide. And then i have really found something. You don't even know how exited i got, when i found these uncensored FTP archives on the site ! How did i find those? As soon as I saw that they have an FTP upload section, I decided to try some usual FTP paths my friend told me to use... So, I found a directory with files (with no html) and it worked!

This is the site:

Here are the paths, that i have so far found: - this one contains more than 800 ch!ldren hardcore pics. - video!!! Ch!ld hardcore, more than 70 different
movies that content girlz and boyz and all kinds of lolita sex you can imagine! - different pictures, mostly not professional, home made. - I believe this is the biggest archive of ch!ld pOrn.

To download files from the archives, you need a password, so either you sign up for the site or you get from somebody the password.

I will soon put here more such finds. I am always searching the web for good stuff, so don't forget to check back later.